Sunday, 13 April 2014

All it takes...

We often wonder whether we are built to be able to carry on through the toughest of conditions, withstand the pain and get where we want to be no matter what. All it takes is a spark. Can I? Will I ever even come close? All it takes is a spark. Dig for it, find it, ignite it. 

Once you teach yourself to give up that's all you will ever be able to do, it will become your first instinct when facing the smallest of obstacles. The time is now and you are the hero of your own story, it's time you wrote it. We all have the spark in us, the little light shining through, buried somewhere deep inside and it takes willpower and dedication to give it life. We all have the capacity to burn bright and burn hot, burn like the blinding sun. 

We make ourselves up from small things, at first glance insignificant little choices we make on a daily basis. Should I pursue that opportunity or step away? Should I take a harder route or an easier one? Should I run like I am on fire or should I give it just enough of myself, just enough to tick that box… that mediocre box. And then your entire life becomes ticking one box after another doing just enough to have a life that is “just good enough”. 

Question, wonder and try – don’t shy away from a challenge. That’s how you get better, stronger and meaner. You dig deep and you find that spark, that thirst for more out of life, the thirst for today on fire. You have the potential to start that fire if you let yourself be bold and rush forward instead of finding easier and less dangerous paths in life. That spark of pure life, pure joy of being and feeling truly alive with your entire being, body and soul. 

I don’t know what is scarier to never burn at all or burn so bright that you burn too fast and out. I really don’t know. Yet, what is life if not taking chances, if not throwing yourself into the upcoming wave and see what happens and if you will still be there standing bold and brave, un-shattered, victorious. 

Brighter than the sun.

Technologies Leveraged : Heart, Soul, Knowledge, UX.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Divine Proportion

While further in pursuit of architecting better/best. This simple web application allows for the conversion of the golden section and golden ratio at the touch etc ... And technology of course.

View Application : Divine proportion

Technologies Leveraged : Math, HTML, CSS, JS, knowledge, love, Marketing, UI, UX.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Admensuration & Quality

With the allowance of our passion, understanding and magnitudes of quality (which far exceeds all mensuration). We further exemplify a portion of the measurable with an extensive dimension of ratio-based conversions presented as a native mobile application.

View Application : 1 on 1

Install : 1 on 1

Technologies Leveraged : Analytics, Android, Java, knowledge, Marketing, Math, UI, UX.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Relative Lengths of Sides.

For no other reason than for fun; This animated set of triangles is wrapped up in "bootstrap" as a framework while being powered by "greensock" for the movement. Undoubtedly a quite solemn and thoughtful combination of technologies. Of course, being laid out with reason and logic is a must, as is all knowledge.

View Application : Color Code

Technologies Leveraged : UI, UX, HTML, CSS, JS, Knowledge.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Marketable UI-UX-ROI

As designers, developers and marketers in the UX space, often we wonder about the drivers that enhance engagement on a mobile device, and how to best optimize the user experience to make it more marketable?

Read More : ToucheComm

Technologies Leveraged : UI, UX, ROI, Marketing, Knowledge.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

How does it sound?

While continuing to explore within the realms of audio engineering here is a mix and blend of quality "house music" mixes and exceptional html / css to showcase the sound in operation. The audio will play on all devices while using the "MixCloud" API (built in Flash for desktop useage) ; and the "Yahoo WebPlayer" for all devices (tablets, mobiles) or for those who choose not to install the Flash player. Of course the site is architectured with full analytics. While just being a hobbyist it is also quite important to know how the content is being utilized, if being used at all.

Music Showcase : In The House

Technologies Leveraged : HTML, CSS, JS, Audio, Knowledge.

Audio Engineer : michael B

Sunday, 16 September 2012

NFC Type2Tag | Touch Screen Demo

This is a live demonstration of both read and write capabilities of type2 NFC tags being utilized through the interactive layers of a large format touch screen.

Video Demo : YouTube

Technologies Leveraged : NFC, Type2Tag, Touch Screen, Knowledge.

Developer : ToucheComm;

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Re | Source

Objective is to assemble an *open resource for learning about and developing good UI/UX for mobile devices.

All unlocked examples are backed with open source code samples. Locked items are backed with metaphor UI design images.

Standard Android platform 2.2 : Source Code (Git Hub)
Google Play : Free App

Technologies Leveraged : XML, Java, Android, Knowledge.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Rhetological Fallacies

Here we have a very provocative visual/literal data-set transplanted 'out-of-the-box' from “Information is Beautiful” as a means to further explore the Android mobile framework. In keeping with the spirit of the original presentation/dissemination, the source code and the application's "apk" is open and available.

Standard Android platform 2.2 : Source Code
Original Concept : Information is Beautiful
Google Play : Free App

Technologies Leveraged : XML, Java, Android, Knowledge.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Color Code

Continuing to explore data visualization, this application gives a visual perspective of the 120 colors that are still in the box while allowing users to save the data of each color with the click of a mouse. The entire UI is built with less then 150 lines of code (excluding the data set). A pure html/css version is soon to follow.

Visit the example : Color Code

Technologies Leveraged : XML, AS3, Knowledge.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

User Experience : Visualized

This application simply shows the relationships of ideals within what is typically coined as the "User Experience" as a methodology to the interactive layer. These relationships are based on the overlap of each paradigm within the concept of the user experience as a whole.

Visit the Example : User Experience

Technologies Leveraged : AS3,  XML, Knowledge.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Data Visualization : Visualized Data

"Visualized Data" shows the relationships between data visualization paradigms and the perceived relation to itself. These relationships are based on the overlap of each paradigm within the concept of data visualization as a whole.

Technologies Leveraged : AS3,  XML, Knowledge.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


This is a simple demonstration on aggregating live data for distribution to, and storage at, local nodes throughout a network. As a final application this was built for all mobile devices to help patrons better understand the wait times of the service.

RandomDemo : CodeKnow : Staging

Technologies Leveraged : AS3, Flex, Photoshop, XML.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ne Tou·ché [ Too·sháy ] pas : Notre Mission.

Notre plate-forme interactive multi-mobile-média et d'applications à écran tactile permettent aux marques et aux organismes de fournir des expériences pertinentes pour le marché de contenu numérique qui améliorent la stratégie de marque de l'engagement, la livraison d'informations product-/service, et en communication-marketing ROI à travers le multi-médias écosystème.

Visitez le site :

Technologies à effet de levier : AS3, PHP, XML, Touché Screen, Multi Touché, Gesture Touché.

Développeur : michael B : Interactive Développeur;


Our multi-platform interactive mobile-media and touch-screen applications enable brands and agencies to deliver market-relevant content-driven experiences that enhance brand-building-engagement, product-/service information delivery, and marketing-communications ROI across the multi-media ecosystem.

Visit the Site :

Technologies Leveraged : AS3, PHP, XML, Touché Screen, Multi Touché, Gesture Touché.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Sunday, 17 April 2011

WTC? : Desktop Radio Application

This is a personal project that has allowed myself to better understand the use of streaming media and also how to correctly aggregate the media directly to the desktop. This application has some really cool future plans that will allow a live (or pre-recorded) stream of both audio and video to be controlled by the media producer and served to the end user in a way that is accessible to any device or desktop.

Install : WTC Desktop Radio
Radio : WTC

Technologies Leveraged : AIR, AS3, Flash, Photoshop, XML, Culture.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Friday, 15 April 2011

draw it : Digital Draw && Print.

I was commissioned by a local agency (here in T.O) to develop this draw application. With the extra help from the GreenSock TransformManager this application really fulfills the needs of a drawing and printing application through the web.

Agency : BlueBandMedia
Application : Demo

Technologies Leveraged : Flash, AS3, GreenSock TransformManager.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Droid15 : Flex Game

Here is a quick sample of a game I am currently building out for all mobile devices. This project is going to be fully open source along side a written tutorial for those whom wish to develop something similar.

Inspiration : Fifteen Puzzle
Game Play : Droid15

Technologies Leveraged : Flex 4, AS3, MXML, Photoshop.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Quick Reader : Flex4 : Xzing : Android : AIR 2.6.

This is a Quick Read Code Reader for Android built in Flex 4 along side the Zxing class library from Google. Building on this project I have now made this application open source. Questions and or comments are always welcome (support is limited).

Open : Source (FXP <--need lib)
Android : Install (APK <--need Droid)
Xzing : Lib

Technologies Leveraged : Flex 3, AIR 2.6, AS3, MXML, Photoshop, XML, XZing.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Saturday, 26 March 2011

AIR : Podomatic Custom API.

While investigating the free podcast service podomatic, I realized there wasn't an existing API for accessing content. I have since created such a content-accessing API, and also built an integrated application in AIR to showcase the selected content. The application provides a ‘forced push’ for content delivery so that end-user updates are not necessary.

Install : AIR 2.5 Application

Technologies Leveraged : AIR, AS3, Flash, Photoshop, XML, GreenSock, Podomatic.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Data Visualization : Movie Trilogy.

Built just-for-fun and to give me a better understanding of Data Visualization, this simple install displays the rating of each of three movies within a selected movie trilogy.

Demo : Moving Movies Data

Technologies Leveraged : AS3, Flash, Photoshop, XML, GreenSock.

Developer : michael B : Interactive Developer;